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Das Dschungelbuch (The Jungle Book) | Probier’s mal mit Gemütlichkeit (German version of “Bare Necessities”)

I had a conversation with my host brothers about the differences between this song’s English and German lyrics.

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mr-social-injustice asked: Hallo! So I first heard of 'Gemütlichkeit' from my exchange father last summer who gave a not-so-great explanation, and have since found some very simplified translations. Is there a specific understanding of what it is? How would you explain it? Danke!!


It depends a little on the context. It can describe a very homely, cozy, familiar atmosphere in a certain place. (“Die Gemütlichkeit des Restaurants…” = “The coziness of the restaurant…”) But you can also use it to describe someone’s temper or attitude. If you are very calm, if you are at ease, placid, … It’s basically a “no stress” approach.

Do you for example know the song “Bare Necessities” from Disney’s “The Djungle Book”? The German version is called “Probier’s mal mit Gemütlichkeit”:

Probier’s mal mit Gemütlichkeit / Try it with “Gemütlichkeit”
Mit Ruhe und Gemütlichkeit / With calmness and Gemütlichkeit
Vertreibst du deinen ganzen Sorgenkram / You dispel all your worries
Und wenn du stets gemütllich bist / And if you are always “gemütlich”
Und etwas appetitlich ist / And something is appetizing
Dann nimm es dir egal woher es kam / Take it no matter where it came from

Baloo the bear is a great example for someone with this “no stress” attitude, so maybe he helps to get the meaning. (I’ll post the song in a second.)

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